Fixed Indexed Annuities are likely the most beneficial insurance financial product innovation of the past 25 years.  These products allow for principal protection, but also the ability to participate in the potential growth of a capped market index, such as the S&P 500 index.

The interest growth is linked to a market index, with a cap, however is guaranteed never to be below 0%.  You are not directly invested in a securities portfolio and therefore do not have your principal at risk.

Many of these products allow for the option of an income rider or other benefit rider for a fee, however most indexed annuities that do not include these riders will not incur administration fees.

Common Fixed Indexed Annuity Features

(may vary based on individual contracts)

* Principal protection (0% interest rate floor)

* Market index growth (with caps or spreads)

* Generally no client-facing fees

* Up to 10% annual penalty-free withdrawals

* Surrender charge for specified period if exceed 10%

   withdrawal in a given year

* Use as deferred savings vehicle or for lifetime income

* Contracts vary greatly - your VRTA representative will be happy to discuss current recommendations and determine individual suitability and outside available liquidity.

© 2018 by Creekside Insurance Advisors Inc.

© 2018 by Creekside Insurance Advisors Inc.