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Read this before you make this irrevocable retirement decision!

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Learn How You Can Maximize Your Pension

If you are a married educator with a pension, upon retirement you will be given an important irrevocable decision. 


The option of how you want to receive your pension (usually two ways). Should you choose to receive your monthly pension income as Single-Life Plan, or Joint-and-Survivor Plan.

Don’t make this choice until you understand that…

By electing Single-Life Plan you will receive the maximum pension amount but would leave nothing to your spouse upon your death.


But...did you also know that electing the Joint-and-Survivor Plan you could also forfeit as much as 27% of your pension?

What's more, is that if you survive your spouse, all the years of paying this cost will have benefited no one.

There is a way YOU could provide your spouse or other loved ones with a substantial benefit for only 1/3 the cost of electing a survivorship option?

Here’s What We Can Tell You


  •  How YOU will be able to maximize your pension income with considerably less cost

  •  Your spouse will have the resources to maintain his/her standard of living upon your death

  •  Even if you survive your spouse, other loved ones, such as your children, will still receive the benefit

Plan NOW, before retirement, to find out about this alternative way that will protect your spouse or other loved ones AND MAXIMIZE your pension income. 

Interested in learning MORE?


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